Jamie Zawinski on Android and development for Android

I just love jwz‘s hate for android and its development tools. He’s not one to mince his words!

I don’t own and don’t plan to own any Android devices, because frankly I think it sucks. Beyond that, a few years ago, I tried to install a dev kit to play around with it, and it was such a Linux-in-1995-level horror show that I never tried again.

This from a post where he bashes Apples for rejecting his port of XScreenSaver to iOS.

SpringCross 2011 reflektion

Underbart vårväder, 20 grader och strålande sol och min första löptävling sen Midnattsloppet 2007. 2 varv på en 6 km slinga runt Norra Djurgården med start vid Stockholms Universitet var planen för dagen. Visste inte riktigt vad jag skulle förvänta mig men med tanke på att jag springer runt 12 km på mina 70 minuters distanspass med distanspuls (150-163 slag/minut) så tyckte jag att jag borde kunna klara mig under 65 minuter utan att veta något om banan.

61:47 blev min officiella tid och placering 369 av 740 startande i Herrar 12 km. Ganska så i mitten men ändå på övre halvan i alla fall. Jag är jättenöjd men ändå lite retsamt att jag inte klarade 60 minutersgräsen och fick en guldmedalj.

Det är svårt att säga hur mycket jag tappade på att inte få springa i mitt egna tempo på första varvet. Det blev så klart ganska trångt i början vilket resulterade i lite ryckig löpning. Om man jämför kilometertiderna, som inte matchar helt då min Garmin fick första varvet till 5,9 km, så ser man att jag sprang ganska jämnt men lite snabbare andra varvet.

Varv 1Varv 2


Från runkeeper kan man se hur pulsen stadigt steg för att kulminera vid 194 slag per minut i sista backen några hunder meter innan mål.

Bilder från dagen


Den vackra skogen vi gick igenom till startområdet.


Ett sånt träd vill jag ha i trädgården.




Uppvärmning inför Damer 6 km.

Amazon the new backbone of the internet?

What’s been exposed, however, is how much Amazon Web Services (AWS), of which EC2 is a key component, underpins the Internet as we know it today. I’d even argue that AWS directly boosts the economy by allowing entrepreneurs to get even the grandest computing plans off the ground quickly.

The fact you pay for only what you use with AWS, with no upfront fees, is in itself extraordinary. Prior to AWS, companies liked users to sign up for lengthy contracts and charge fees that reflected what they could get away with, rather than what things actually cost. AWS doesn’t play these kind of power games.

Few tech companies openly discuss their usage of AWS because that would be like the wizard revealing himself to Dorothy. Would you trust a service that’s essentially a few computer science graduates in a rented office with little more than a good idea and a few Nerf guns? But that’s what a surprising number of tech firms are. Services with tens of millions of users can be corralled by just a handful of guys overseeing an AWS Web control panel.

Thanks, Amazon: The Cloud Crash Reveals Your Importance – PCWorld Business Center

Behind the special effects in Tron Legacy

I was tickled that I got emacs into a block buster movie. I actually do use emacs irl, and although I do not subscribe to alt.religion.emacs, I think that’s all incredibly relevant to the world of Tron.

jtnimoy – Tron Legacy (2010)

Fascinating to read how the computer generated special effects were made for Tron Legacy.

I still haven’t seen the movie though.

Goce satellite maps the Earth’s gravity in unprecedented precision

A European spacecraft that skims the upper reaches of the atmosphere has mapped Earth’s gravity with unrivalled precision. The map shows how the pull of gravity varies minutely over the surface of the Earth, from deep ocean trenches to majestic mountain ranges.

The measurements have allowed scientists to create a computer model called a geoid that reveals what Earth would look like if its shape were altered to make gravity equal at every point on the surface.

Goce satellite maps the Earth’s gravity in unprecedented precision | Science | guardian.co.uk

Maybe this should be a factor for the World Records in track and field.

How NASA Photoshopped A Galaxy

Did you know that every time you look at one of those amazing images captured by Hubble cameras you are actually looking at a composite image made up by as many as 1400 still shots? Did you also know that the colors you are seeing in those images are completely faked and added by scientists in order to show off specific details within the scene?

How NASA Photoshopped A Galaxy » f stoppers

See a timelapse video of how it’s done below.