About me

I live in Stockholm, Sweden together with my wife. We have two very fat and lazy dogs and an apartment that has potential, but needs a lot of work.

I grew up in the country side a bit outside of Enskede, spent a few years studying Software Engineering down south in Ronneby before I met a girl from Finland and moved to Helsingfors.

Unfortunately that relationship ended and after four years in Finland I packed all my belongings and moved back to Stockholm at the end of the summer of 2006. Ten months later I met my wife and life hasn’t been the same since.

In Finland I got a job coding Java at a small company called Relatech. In my first project we worked on a content provisioning system for the new Club Nokia site Nokia had planned. The ideas were grand for this portal where the club members would be able to purchase ringtones, background images, and so forth for their mobile phones. However, half a year after the launch some one decided the site wasn’t worth the trouble and it soon after got replaced with an of-the-shelf CMS solution. Quite a shame, as the custom made solution we and the other consulting firms involved had built was really powerful and had huge possibilities. Apparently someone in some “upper management” did not share my view.

After the adventure in J2EE-land I changed focus to development for the Symbian-platform used on Nokia’s smartphones. After a while I ended up maintaining and improving the phone-part of an automatic testing system we set up that executed acceptance tests on new Symbian release builds both on the reference hardware and on actual mobile phones.

During this time the small company had grown and become part of Yomi Group, and changed names multiple times. Eventually I believe it got bought by SysOpen Digia.

Back in Sweden I got a job at Ongame where I worked with creating new multiplayer online casino games. Ongame was later on bought by the Austrian betting company bwin in 2006. Due to another “upper management” decision the casino development was ended and I got to work with the branding tool used to change the look of the poker client for the poker network’s clients as well as general maintenance of the production client in the form of resovling reported problems and ongoing stability improvements.

In December 2008 I quit the job at bwin and joined LeanOn as a consultant within the bank and finance sector. So far I’ve loved this opportunity to work in a small company and the added responsibility, higher tempo and more varied tasks that comes with that is just a bonus.