Gmane and safari

About a week ago I got to know about gmane from a guy on the debian-users-swedish mailing list. It’s amazing! Now I don’t have to be subscribed to zillions of list anymore as most of them are available on gmane. I patched mutt with the vvv.nntp patch so now I can read news with mutt and I don’t have to waste time on configuring e.g. slrn. It’s a tad bit slow though which is a bit annoying but the gmane server is located in Norway so that probably explains it. I’ll see if it’s worth setting up some program to fetch the news and then read it locally but it’s convenient to let gmane handle everything.

Thanks to this Slashdot story about Apple terminating the Safari seed program, I got my hands on the latest beta build, v67, of Safari. And it now supports tabs! Yay! The lack of tabs made me start to use Camino (formerly knows as Chimera) but the constant crashes made me go back to Safari even though I then ended up with lots of windows. But now with the tab support, I’m happy 🙂