News madness

When reading through today’s RSS backlog I noticed this RSS via NTTP? article on Advogato. It’s a nice idea but it feels a bit like overkill.

Anyways, what I found interesting was Adrian Chadd’s comment (he has the nick k) and the title of the comment is NNTP feed sizes. Here’s a quote from it:

In any case, I _DO_ remember doing some fun maths one day. I was trying to calculate how many feeds were going over the US<->(Amsterdam/UK) fibre routes. I stopped at around 40. _40 full feeds_ because providers were buying their own DS3/STM1 across the pond to link their Europe<->US networks and peering their news feeds together. Think about that for a minute.

Think about all the wasted bandwidth, I think some collaboration would be in order but that’s probably too much to ask for.