AOP – Aspect Oriented Programming

So I’m trying figure out how I can use AOP in IsmoCore. Yesterday I made a dynamic proxy and a simple interceptor and played around a bit with them. Really neat! But I need to figure out what kind of problems are good canidates for solving with AOP and which ones are not.

The tracing example given everywhere seems like a thing AOP is really good for but it’s a quite trivial example. I need something more complex 😉 I guess I need to do a bit more reading. Any good pointers?

Doing AOP in a dynamic scripting language like PHP (well, PHP is at least half dynamic) might be a bit different compared to a strong typed language like Java. I need to keep this in mind, as AOP seems in some ways to give some freedom to Java that already exists in a dynamic script language.

More on this later when I start to use it more seriously in IsmoCore!