Location based actions on your phone

miniGPS for Nokia 7650 and 3650. PsiNT has created a really cool utility for the Symbian Nokia phones. The application lets you define actions which will be executed when you (well actually the phone) reaches a specific network location. This is as good as it gets until the phones get GPS as standard.

Imagine this

In the morning when you arrive at work the phone automatically switches to the work profile. At lunch it notices that you’ve gone to the city center to eat at your favorite lunch restaurant and changes to the lunch profile, which automatically forwards all work calls to your voicemail, so you can have a peaceful lunch. The phone notices when you’re back at the office and changes back to the work profile.

When driving home from work the phone starts beeping when you’re getting close to the local food store to remind you to stop and buy the things needed for the dinner.

A couple of quotes from the web page

Currently miniGPS offers five event types:

– Log in alarm,
– Log out alarm,
– Log in switch profile,
– Log out switch profile
– Log in power off,
– Log out power off,
– Log in change image,
– Log out change image,
– Log in SMS,
– Log out SMS

For places like church, theater, hospital etc. you can set a power off
event which will just switch your phone off as soon as you come there!
No more embarrassing rings during performance

I see an incredible potential for these kind of applications. But they are also scary if the information is collected by some third party. Imagine getting a free phone paid by your job which contains an embedded tracking program, so they can see where everyone is located. They could then compare that data with the time reporting system.

“Oh, this guy here said he arrived at work 8:00 but according to the phone tracking data he really arrived 8:45. hmm..”

But this is cool stuff!