Reading speed

I need to improve my reading speed. I’ve noticed that I spend most of my days reading something. Be it emails, news, the Java API documentation, a book in the evening or something else. If I would just be able to improve the speed slightly it would make a huge difference.

I guess one minor problem is that English isn’t my native language and hence it’s slower to read. I’ve noticed that I read Swedish a lot faster but I would say that about 95% of the things I read in a day are in English, so that’s the langauge to focus my efforts on. I’m just not sure how I would be able to increase the reading speed. I think I’m very often afraid of missing some important or interesting part if I read fast so I end up reading even slower instead.

Maybe the first step would be to try to stay at my current maximum reading speed level as much as possible. And when I’ve convinced myself that I don’t miss anything by reading at that speed I can then try to increase it bit by bit.