Crappy Finnkino

Earlier today I got so fed up with Finnkino’s online booking and ordering system which only works with Internet Explorer on Windows so I submitted the below letter on their feedback page.

It will be interesting to see if they answer, and if they do what they’ll say. I wish all non-windows using people would ask the same so that they’ll notice that it really is a problem.

Good evening,

I am very sad and disappointed that your current net lippukauppa works in no other but the Internet Explorer web browser for the Windows operating system. Not e
veryone has access to such a system. I myself am currently using Apple’s Safari web browser on my iBook and it’s highly annoying to have to ask friends to book
tickets for me.

Can you please inform me why you risk losing my business and the business of all the other users who don’t use Windows and Internet Explorer by choosing the sol
ution you’re currently using instead of going with a standards-compliant solution which would also work in most other available web browsers.

Eagerly awaiting your answer,