Mac OS X – good but not perfect

Bruce ‘Tog’ Tognazzini has written three excellent articles about Mac OS X Panther:

Read them!

The one thing I find myself lacking the most in OS X is an easy way to access a menu with a shortcut-key. In Windows I can do Alt-f to get to the file menu and then use the up and down arrow keys to navigate to the desired menu option, in case I don’t remember the short-cut for the option I want to use. So I don’t need to move my hand away from the keyboard to the mouse.

In OS X I have to press Ctrl-F2 to get to the menu bar, which can theoretically be done with just the left hand, if I didn’t have an iBook on which the fn key needs to be pressed to access the function keys. So I need to press fn-ctrl-F2, quite a job. It can be done with one hand but requires such a big hand movement that it’s easier to move the right hand to the mouse instead. Not to mention that I can’t control which menu that is opened. It’s always the left most apple menu, which is the menu I actually most seldom use…