Ismo_Core 0.1.3

Version 0.1.3 of Ismo_Core is now available, the following changes have been done:

  • (2004-01-13) Fixed Ismo_Core_Filter::filter() missed to change the method signature last time.
  • (2004-01-13) Ismo_Core_Application::setStateLoader() now takes the loader class instance as a reference.
  • (2004-01-20) The action and show methods now have pre and post methods. Suggested by Fabien Franzen. And a manual entry exists for this feature.
  • (2004-01-28) Moved the state loaders to Ismo_Core_Loaders.
  • (2004-01-28) Added the loaders and getting started manual sections.
  • (2004-01-28) The follow attributes added to the Ismo_Core_Request class:
  • _defaultLocale
    and the follow methods:

    Ismo_Core_Request::getLocale() has been fixed and Ismo_Core_State_HTTP::execute() now calls deduceLocale() which means that the current locale can be determined by looking at the _locale attribute in the state classes. Thanks Fabien Franzen!

    Next I plan on finishing the AOP support.