D-Link and Apple’s AirPort card

I got my D-Link DI-514 Wireless Router today. I followed the instructions: connected it to the ADSL modem and then used a network cable between the D-Link router and my iBook so I could configured it. Then I had set it up as I wanted it, I unplugged the network cable, enabled the AirPort card in my iBook and expected it to work but no, of course it didn’t.

So I investigate the problem a bit and find out that the iBook gets assigned an IP address from the DHCP server running on the D-Link router, and the router logs shows it giving out an IP address. But I can still not connect to anywhere from the iBook. I can’t even ping the router. If I reconnect the network cable everything works fine, so I feel quite baffled.

I turn on my PC, which I earlier used as my “Wireless Access Point” with the help of an USB wireless LAN adapter. Configure that one to use the D-Link router, and it works fine. Of course. So has my AirPort card decided to break itself?

I reconfigure the USB wireless LAN adapter to use adhoc mode, set IP addresses on the two machines, and they can ping each other. Alright, so it ’s nothing wrong with the hardware. Now I turn to the almighty google and I find this post in a forum after a couple of minutes. I change the settings from using short preamble to long preamble, and look and behold, it starts to work! Thank you D-Link for wasting three hours of my time.