Long time no write. I know, I have been busy.

I finally got my hands on my GameCube. But of course just a cube is not enough, I had to go and pick up another controller and a memory card as well. And some games of course!

These are the games I currently own:

SX Superstar

A motorcycle game, a bit tricky especially the stunt part but fun and addicting. It is hilarious that one has a girlfriend in the championship mode and she gets upgraded if one wins and downgraded if one loses

NHL 2003

Great fun to play against a friend using two controllers. Some beer makes it even more fun 😉

MarioKart – Double Dash!!

Nintendo’s own productions are usually very cute, this is no exception but it is at the same time fun and not as easy as it might seem at first.

NBA Courtside 2002

Basketball is fun, nothing beats a good dunk. Unfortunately it is next to impossible to play defence but that might improve with practise.

FIFA football 2003

A friend, football and beer, do I need to say more.

So far the GameCube has been lots of fun and I’m sure it will continue to be fun in the future.