I have always been subscribed to a ton of different mailing lists, and I’ve enjoyed reading the huge amount of mails. Now, however, I find it increasingly harder and harder to find the needed time to follow the lists, when I do have time I end up pressing ctrl-r (mark entire thread read) most of the time. So enough is enough, I have decided that I’m going to reduce the amount of lists I’m following and unsubscribe from the following lists:

  • the EPIC (enhanced programmable irc client) list.
  • I am currently using the “irssi”:http://www.irssi.org/ IRC client because of lack of time to maintain my own script for epic.

  • the pear-general list
  • It mostly just contains new version announcements and general questions anyways.

  • the phpclasses notification list
  • Useful classes are submitted every now and then but I have yet to find one I would use.

  • linux-elitists
  • Interesting list with good discussions but I just don’t have time to keep up with it.

  • the webwork development list
  • I’m not even using webwork. I might re-subscribe if I start using it.

  • the audioscrobbler development list
  • Interesting service, but I’m currently not using audioscrobbler.

  • focus linux
  • One of SecurityFocus’ various lists. Quite interesting, but frankly for me the debian-security-announce list is enough.

  • my old university’s lists
  • I’m finally going to cut my connections to the old university in Sweden and see if I can somehow get removed from their lists.

    This should hopefully half the amount of mail I get daily.