Yesterday, almost exactly one year after I started blogging, I changed from using home brewed code for my blog and installed WordPress. The installation was a breeze, the configuration as easy and it didn’t take long to get it up and running. Modifying the template to look like the rest of morrdusk.net is still ongoing though, but I’m getting quite happy with it.

The reason I gave up on my own code is not that it sucked, but that I don’t have the necessary time to make the code into that it should be. I’m also not sure if I’m interested in making yet another blog tool, with all the tedious details it includes. I think I rather go with something that is ready and working and focus my energy and time on something a bit more interesting. I might, however, add some small features to WordPress in case it doesn’t support something I want to do.

I’m in process of migrating the old posts to WordPress but it will take some more time, hopefully I’ll have it done by the end of the weekend. This change will unfortunately break premalinks to old posts, sorry about that. If you have linked to an old post please, if possible, use the search on the right to find the old post and update the link.

Let’s hope the change to WordPress will make me write more often!