Slow iBook

For quite a while my iBook G3 600 MHz has felt slow even sluggish, and it can be very annoying. Applications take forever to start, when quickly changing to Safari and starting to write an URL in the address bar it can sometimes take 2-3 seconds until what I write is shown. So it generally feels like the user interface can’t keep up with me, and I hate having to wait for the computer, I’m not such a fast thinker so it should not have any problems, really…

So what can I do about this? Probably nothing, a PowerBook or one of the new 800 Mhz G4 iBooks would be really neat to have and a lot faster but I just can’t justify spending so much money on yet another machine to myself. Maybe I’ll try to upgrade the memory on my current iBook. Now it has 384 MB of memory, doubling that should have a positive impact on the performance. It’s a shame that the 512MB memory modules for laptops are way expensive though.

On another note, I bought a new battery for my iBook middle of January because my battery time was down to 50 minutes with the old battery. It’s now end of March and the new battery has already lost 107mAh (down from 4.400Ah when new to 4.293Ah). But I guess that is what happens when one use a laptop like a laptop should be used.