Instant Replay

I was watching a floor ball game a couple of days ago and I missed some interesting happenings because I wasn’t totally focused. I was thinking about something else or looking the other way and hence missed something I would have liked to see. It would have been neat if one could see instant replays of interesting or missed situations. One could imagine people recording the game with their camera phones, and then share the recorded clips with others. However, this requires a way to easily share files among mobile phones maybe something like Rendevous for bluetooth.

Sending a file from one phone to another using bluetooth is currently implemented in phones so that you first select the file to send and then the device to send to, i.e. device to device. I’m thinking that it would be very useful to also be able to share files and let other devices browse and download the shared files without requiring any interaction on the phone sharing the files. This way one could for example quickly share a bunch of midi files or video clips among friends.