The mess that is PEAR

Have a look at the recent SCM_SVN thread on the pear-dev mailing list, for example this post and this post. I guess this bureaucracy mess is the beginning of the end of PEAR. How can they expect people to want to continue contributing to PEAR if doing that means fighting a constant up-hill battle, I especially like how people who have not looked at the proposed SCM_SVN code nor the Horde_VC code, tell Clay that he should merge his work with the Horde_VC package, not even considering that any merging is most likely impossible and it would basically mean dumping all the SCM_SVN code down the drain and re-code everything again for Horde_VC. If that is not discouraging I don’t know what is.

What is in it for Clay, he already has working code he’s using, so why should he redo it? Nor is anyone stepping up to take care of PEARifying Horde_VC, so it wouldn’t surprise me if PEAR ends up without any version control package at all. It would be another thing if some of the people doing all the talking would actually say they would take care of the Horde_VC package, but expecting Clay to give up all he has done so far and do it all over again, they’ve really got some nerve there…

I think this is the thing that will ultimately destroy PEAR. People should not be discouraged when they want to contribute to PEAR, they should be welcomed with open arms! People willing to give up their free time to an open-source project don’t grow on trees, that is important to remember.

There was also this thread a short while ago, which raised some of the same issues. Of course, no solution or conclusion was reached, for some reason things related to PEAR are often left hanging unresolved, I guess people wish that left that way the issues will be forgotten. Maybe what PEAR needs is a strong leader who people would listen to and respect. The current situation has shown that it is not working.