Thomas Bodström supports software patents

According to this article (it’s in Swedish) on the Swedish Gnuheter site, the Swedish department of Justice and Thomas Bodström, the Swedish Minister of Justice, support Ireland’s proposal to introduce EU-wide software patents.

When I was in the LinuxSummit [04] conference in Helsinki a couple of months ago, one finnish MEP (Member of European Parliament) Piia-Noora Kauppi gave a presentation which was very critical about the current proposal. It’s worth reading through her presentation if you’re remotely interested in this subject.

Also ComputerSweden had an article (also only in Swedish) about software patents two days ago quoting Tim Frain, the head of the patents department at Nokia, saying

The problem is more about fear. If you look at the people opposed to patents not many are patent-users. The open-source people don’t usually need patents, but they are anyways saying “patents are coming and big companies like Microsoft and Nokia will use them to crush us.” But that’s wrong. Nokia would never use patents to crush a small company. Why would a big rich company sue a small company which doesn’t have any money?

So they would not use patents to put the smaller company out of business in case it starts to infringe too much on Nokia’s market share? Hah, sure.

It’s good that the software patents issue is getting more mainstream coverage.