A wiki

I installed Yet Another Wiki for PHP earlier today. So I’ve now got a wiki at wiki.morrdusk.net. I figure I’ll use it for various notes and stuff.

In the wiki I made an Ismo area where I’ll keep ismo related stuff, for example the manual, to make it easier to update it.

Yawiki is nice but it needs a serious URL clean-up. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find URL:s like index.php?area=Foo&page=Bar totally horrible. So I hacked the code to produce URL:s like wiki.morrdusk.net/Foo/Bar instead, but what I did was an ugly hack. What yawiki needs is proper support for better looking URL:s, hopefully that’s something planned for the future.

Please let me know if some part of the wiki is broken due to my messing around with the code.

Update: It’s using a totally horrible table based layout as well. So you’ll have to live with the wiki looking different from the rest of this site until I’ve had the time and energy to create a custom theme.