Would anyone be interested in sponsoring the development of Ismo?

Ismo is a powerful ground breaking open source web-application framework for PHP written by me with the kind help of a couple of contributors.

More information can be found on the Ismo site.

The development has been kind of slow-going lately, mostly due to me working 7-10 hours per day at my day-time job which has nothing to do with PHP or Ismo. That hasn’t left me much time for training, spending time with friends and coding on Ismo.

However, I’m now soon going to move back to Sweden and that opens possibilities. As I don’t have another job lined up there waiting for me I’m open to suggestions. If someone or some company would be willing to sponsor the development of Ismo, I would be able to dedicate the 7-10 hours a day I currently spend writing Symbian and Java code to make Ismo even greater.

Given time to work on Ismo I don’t see anything preventing it from becoming the great thing it deserves to be!

Anyways, I don’t expect anyone to do this but if so I’m all ears!