The Farscape mini-series trailer is now available

Farscape is one of the best tv-series ever. If you haven’t seen it go and buy the DVDs right now!

Unfortunately the sci-fi channel didn’t appreciate it as much as they should have, so they used their option in the contract and cancelled the fifth season. This caused the series to end in a vacuum with the two main characters seemingly dead. They are of course not dead, they were just split into millions of small pieces and there’s no trouble putting those pieces together using some alien technology.

However, it really bugged me and lots of other farscape fans that the series didn’t get any real conclusion. The series creator admitted in an interview that farscape really is one big love-story-drama planned to come to a conclusion in the fifth season. Now we didn’t get a fifth season and all the story threads remained open and hanging. Watching four seasons of a tv-series’ story unfold just to not get the end, if that’s not annoying I don’t know what.

But due to the noise made by all the fans, the farscape project got funding for a mini-series. The result will be two 2-hour long (1.5h excluding commercials) episodes in which they’ll tie up the loose ends and take the series to a point where they have more options for the future, i.e. movie, spin-off series etc.

I can’t wait to see the conclusion of the series I watched obsessively a couple of years ago. And now the trailer is available!

If you live in the US sci-fi channel are going to air all the 88 episodes of Farscape every weekday 9AM to 4PM ET/PT, October 1 through October 15. Don’t miss!

via slashdot