Urban Exploration

Tuesday evening when I got home from the gym I had dinner in front of the TV as usual. The only unusual thing was that for once I found a really interesting program to watch, Outsider on kanal5. This week’s episode was about Urban Exploration. I.e. exploring things for example underground usually by climbing and crawling around in tiny tunnels. Like most weird things it seems to have originated in London but nowadays it’s all over the place.

The reporter and the camera guy followed two unknown and unidentifiable persons on a trek under Stockholm. It was fun to see, but even though I can see the charm with exploring and finding new unknown places where no one has been before I don’t think that’s anything for me. I’m not claustrophobic but judging from the pictures I think I would become after a couple of hours underground.

So I think I’ll stick to doing my exploring in computer games in the safe environment at home.