So this weekend was the Swedish blog forum. A small happening, but I guess the biggest one in Sweden with blogs as the focus.

For some reason I never felt like going. I don’t know, but I guess I’ve never felt like a part of the Swedish blog sphere. Might be because I started my blog when I was still living in Finland, might be because I’m usually writing in English as my posts tend to be technology related. Or maybe I just don’t like groups?

I actually never did any sports that had teams when I was a kid. It could be that I’m a bit of a lone wolf. Orienteering must be the number one sport for lone wolfs! Go run in a huge forest all by yourself for an hour or more. Just you against nature.

The bloggforum seems to have been quite interesting, with lots of fun discussions. So maybe I should have gone anyway. Well, I spent three hours out in the sun on Saturday instead. That’s not that bad either.