The hole in one of poker

Friday night I participated in a small 16 person no-limit texas holdem tournament. Starting with two tables I eventually make it to the final 10 players table after about two hours of playing. When the game continues it starts off quite passive and probing but it doesn’t take long until it starts to loose up.

After a while there are six or seven players left and I call an all-in from a smaller stack pre flop. I have ace of spades and a king offsuit and he has ace queen offsuit. I have him dominated and the only thing worrying me is a queen.

The flop comes queen, king, jack – all spades. Now I’ve also got a draw for the nut flush, but if a ten comes we will both get a straight and the pot will be split.

The turn card is a ten, but the ten of spades! The pot’s over, I got myself a Royal straight flush! I scream. We all scream. That something that happens so rarely, and now it’s there on the table in front of us. Amazing!

In the end I bust out when I get dealt AKo again and go all-in against AQo. Unfortunately a queen came up on the flop, and I’m out of the tournament finishing fourth.

It was a fun evening. I’m happy with my play and the royal straight flush was a pleasant bonus.