Climbing gear

I’ve picked up a new hobby climbing. It’s mad fun!

At first I was a bit skeptical but I went to a try-out session which was alright, so I signed up for the compulsory course to be allowed to climb indoors at Stallet in Uppsala. After the course when I was free to climb by myself it started to be a lot more fun. Suddenly it’s all about competing with yourself and it’s fun to see the progress from time to time. What felt impossible the previous time is a piece of cake the next. It’s amazing.

Naturally you need quite some amount of equipment. I bought the following which is quite good beginner-level stuff:

  • Snap Open Air harness
  • Free climbing Redpoint shoes
  • Faders HMS screwgate carbiner
  • Snap Cyclop belay device
  • Snap Vexcap chalk bag

I’ve used the new equipment for two sessions now and so far it’s worked perfectly.

Now I’m just waiting for the spring so I can try outdoor climbing but for now, during the cold dark Swedish winter, indoor climbing will have to do.