Christian Kjellvander live @ Katalin, Uppsala

Yesterday I went to see the start of Christian Kjellvander’s latest tour at the amazing place Katalin in Uppsala. It was fantastic! Christian was brilliant and even better live as my friends have been telling me.

The show was divided into two sets, the first set with new songs from the latest album Faya. It was good, the newer material gets better the more you hear it but I still need to listen it through a few times more. The new album requires more effort from the listener than the previous ‘Songs from a two room chapel’ where you already had a few favourite songs after the first listening.

The second set with older songs rocked, it was a mix of songs from ‘Songs from a two room chapel’ and old goodies like Paige from ‘Songs of soil – The painted trees of ghostwood’ and I think there was some Loosegoats material thrown in as well which I didn’t recognize.

The encores were amazing! Christian did a totally amazing version of Allelujah which I never wanted to end.

This was the start of the tour and it’s already amazing. Let’s hope Christian and the band can keep up the energy and inspiration for the whole tour!