QuickSilver gets radial menus

Garoo writes in his blog post:

Wow: Quicksilver, the one compulsory utility for any OS X user, gets radial menus (that means putting every menu option around the mouse pointer rather than in a column, and is orders of magnitude more efficient, ergonomics-wise).

Go see the screenshot, it looks amazing! But the thing I find most useful is this other bit of information he reveals:

Incidentally, the “User Interface Access” plugin has other uses: it lets you access, with your keyboard, every menu item in the active appllication. Among many other things, you can create a trigger (the detailed lesson will be for another time) so that every menu item ends up in a big, flat list and you only have to press N, T, Enter to trigger New Tab, for instance. (And, yeah, I know it’s a lousy example because there already is a keyboard shortcut for “New Tab”.)

I don’t know how long I’ve waited for something like that!

Now I too wish I worked on a Mac…