So Macworld came and went and we got ourselves the MacBook Pro. What kind of name is MacBook Pro? What’s wrong with the old and trusted PowerBook name?

Alright, I guess I with time might start to get used to the MacBook part but the Pro-part, what the hell is up with that? What will come next? MacBook Extreme? MacBook The Next Generation? Enough already.

But I’m looking forward to a smaller MacBook with something like a 13.3″ widescreen lcd. I always found the 1024×768 screen on my 12″ iBook too small and my 15″ PowerBook is a bit too big to comfortable use in the lap when lying down in the sofa not to mention that it’s quite difficult to fit in a backpack when bring it with you somewhere. So a 13.3″ model might be perfect for me.