The day we didn’t leave for Prague

Today me and my girlfriend were supposed to go to Prague for a relaxing week of vacation but due to heavy snowfall we didn’t make it. To quote Radio Praha:

Prague’s Ruzyne airport was closed to all incoming and outgoing traffic for most of the day on Sunday due to heavy snowfall. It re-opened for limited service after 3pm CET. Some 25 centimetres /10 inches/ of snow blanketed the country in the early hours of Sunday causing traffic snarls and train delays. Continuing snowfall throughout the day complicated road maintenance work. The main east-west motorway, the D1, was restricted to one lane in each direction and some parts of the country were completely cut off. More snow has been forecast in the coming days.

So we ended up having to return home again from the airport and we’ll give it another try tomorrow. Quite frustrating really as we’ve been looking forward to get a way from a few days and get to see some new scenary.

Sorry to bother you all with it but I just had to get it out of my system.

The weather hasn’t been nice to me this week, on Tuesday I missed my connection from Chicago back to Stockholm (via Copenhagen) due to snow in Chicago so I had to stay over the night in Chicago and got home a day late from Las Vegas. And now this today. Grrrrr. Please someone make it summer already.