Showtime’s over

And what did we end up with? Well, we did get a new iPod nano, see the sweet looking TV Ad. I get really tempted to replace my trusty old U2 iPod with one of these new slick looking nanos. We also got a new iPod shuffle but who buys those anyway?

A new iTunes 7 was introduced with an, in my opinion, worse more gloomy look. Also in a rather non-Apple-way we got a sneak peak at their take on the home media center. Their solution is named iTV and engadget got some pics from when Apple put the device on display after the show. It looks very sexy! But is it really going to be a viable option for us in the forgotten european countries where it’s next to impossible to legally buy the latest tv-shows and people have huge collections of divx and xvid encoded tv-shows?

If Apple are smart they make it possible to play back any kind of media no matter the source, however, it’s likely they’ll introduce some sort of restrictions to get the big movie companies to offer their movies in the new iTunes Store. But we’ll see, let’s hope for the best!