I had totally missed the whole lonelygirl15 internet video phenomenon until Matt mentioned it today. How is it possible to completely miss something like that?

Well, anyway, it’s an amazing thing. It’s like the blair witch project, but for real, but it’s not real or is it? For example, in one episode Bree mentions a girl named Cassie. A while later the cassieiswatching videos appear on youtube. And they in particular are rather disturbing, with the first one showing something being dropped in a pool and the voice saying “come and get it”. Resulting in people figuring out where the place was and going to retrieve the object all while filming and publishing the resulting clips on the youtube.

I saw one clip of a guy going out there and he found a box with a Judgement tarot card inside. To which cassieiswatching apparently had made a comment “I don’t play cards” (it’s unclear where this comment was published), giving birth to ideas that someone else had found the box before and switched the content. It’s all very fuzzy and unclear, but that’s the way people want it. It’s supposed to be a mystery. Let’s see if we ever get to know the truth.

The latest seems to be that the makers of lonelygirl15 have officially distanced themselves from the cassie videos and cassie has changed the message on the youtube channel to:

i am the only cassie

why do you follow imposters

i didn’t make the call

someone changed my message

why does everyone hate me?

I have no idea what to make of this. But the lonelygirl15 forum is full of people trying to make sense of it. There is also a page on wikipedia about lonelygirl15 and one about cassieiswatching. It’s interesting how big the community around these videos has got.

I find this whole concept of connecting fiction and the real world in real time mind blowing. Hopefully we’ll see more things happening in this area the next few years. An area which is apparently called Alternate Reality Game or ARG for short.