E-mail policy at Microsoft

Over at Computerworld in an article we can read that e-mail was not supposed to be saved more than 30 days at Microsoft. James Allchin wrote in a mail:

“This is not something you get to decide,” he wrote on Jan. 23, 2000. “This is company policy. Do not think this is something that only applies to a few people. Do not think it will be okay if I do this, it hasn’t caused any problems so far. Do not archive your mail. Do not be foolish. 30 days.”

Iowa’s counsel, Conlin, apparently also presented evidence of a job description for Bill Gates’ technical assistant, whose primary duty was to make sure no permanent record of Gates’ e-mail existed.

I think it sounds mad but maybe this is how it works in big companies? Or is this a Microsoft speciality?

This and more can be found in the Windows development chief: ‘I would buy a Mac if I didn’t work for Microsoft’ article in which James Allchin admits to drooling for a Mac. Hilarious!