Klätterverket part two

It must have been about a year since our last visit to this wonderful climbing gym in Stockholm. Lately we’ve been going to Salveo due to the higher walls and it being slightly shorter to drive there from Uppsala.

We felt it was about time for another trip to Klätterverket and from what we remembered we thought it was lots of fun the last time.

We were right, it really is so fun there!

Lately I’ve been frustrated with my climbing. It has felt like I’m not getting anywhere, just working the same old routes over and over again without much happening. I think what I really needed was a change of scenery, some new routes and problems to work on and this trip to Stockholm gave me all that and more. I have found the fun and joy in my climbing again!

Klätterverket is such a charming climbing gym with a feeling of an old worn down boxing gym from a Hollywood movie. A warm and friendly place where people help each other and no one feels out of place. It’s hard not to get a warm feeling for the place and with some unbelievable good climbers there the atmosphere is always great.

Camilla knows Anna Frimodig who happened to be at Klätterverket yesterday when we were there and she helped us find some good routes. One of them was a 6b made by Peter Bosma that was great! Quite technical and tricky, and also quite heavy but not that bad if you use your head.

I’m happy I managed to get up but it’s going to take quite a bit of training before I can climb that route in one go without hanging in the rope pondering my lack of strength in between the moves. But it’s good to have goals!