The MacWorld Keynote is closing in

Tomorrow is the big day! The keynote starts at 9am which if I calculated correctly translates to 18:00 Swedish time. Unfortunately I’ll be in the climbing gym then 🙁 But maybe that’s for the best because then I don’t have to anxiously reload the reporting sites continuously all through the keynote. writes today

…a very trusted (and extremely anonymous) source of mine in Silicon Valley told me recently that he has it on good faith that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has invited all of his best friends to his MacWorld SF Keynote on Tuesday. In Silicon Valley buzz code, that means he’s got something really special to show.

Meanwhile, International Herald Tribute’s article about Apple’s upcoming device claims that
“[Jobs] was more excited about his current project than he was about the Macintosh.” blog has made a list of 35+ MacWorld ‘07 Predictions some of which we most likely will see tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day!