Back when I was competing seriously in orienteering I trained lots, and one important lesson I learned was to listen to my body and rest when it didn’t feel ok. Well, it seems like I’ve had to re-learn that lesson. Since the beginning of the year me and Camilla have been following this mad training regime we created. Which means we do some kind of physical exercise six days out of seven. That has worked fine so far, but now I think my body has had enough and it is complaining loudly.

I can’t remember the last time I felt this tired. My body is hurting in the most mysterious places and I can hardly keep my eyes open. So I’ve decided to skip the training today and just do light training instead of going climbing tomorrow. Hopefully that will be enough to turn this around.

I think a major factor for this tiredness is the trip to Klätterverket we did on Saturday. We always end up doing long really hard sessions then we’re there, mostly because it’s fun and because we’re not there that often. And smart as I am I was working really hard on a 6c route at the end of the 4 hour session. I finally managed to do all the moves with lots of hanging in the rope in between. I felt so drained afterwards, so I have no idea where to find the strength to combine all the moves into one continuos sequence.

I think that 6c route is where all my energy went. I’m really too weak to climb at that level considering how exhausted I was and still am but I have to try every now and then! And it’s fun! In the future I will try to remember how exhausted it will leave me though…

Today I read Peter Bosma’s travel diary from Spain 2003 (in swedish). Makes me wish it was March already! But it’s less than six weeks left until we leave for Spain, woohoo! I’ve also ordered two climbing books, “Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Climbing Performance” (Eric J. Horst) and “The Self-Coached Climber: The Guide to Movement Training Performance” (Dan M. Hague, Douglas Hunter). Hopefully they will arrive soon so I’ll have something to read during the commute to work.

My plan for tonight is to go straight to bed and watch snooker until I fall asleep. Eurosport is showing the O’Sullivan – Holt match!