Two weeks


If you look at the counter in the top right corner of this page you can see that it’s only 14 days left until we leave for sunny Spain! Woohoo!

At least I hope it’s going to be sunny and nice. The weather in Spain in the middle of March should be fairly okay. If it’s somewhere around 20 degrees celsius or a bit less, that would be perfect. Warm enough for us nordic people but still not too warm for climbing. I’m looking forward to 5-6 days of marvelous climbing, though the height there is a bit scary. The highest I’ve climbed so far is about 30 meters at Häggsta outside of Stockholm.

I found the photo to the right today when googling around. it’s supposedly from the second pitch of Marión. Looks quite intimidating but hopefully it won’t look nearly as bad then we’re standing there because we thought we would climb that route.