Mac mini colocation

I’ve given up on using my Mac mini for anything useful at home. I always end up using my powerbook even though the mini is hooked up to a real keyboard and a 19″ wide screen dell monitor.

So I’m considering installing linux on it again, the mini used run debian in the closet, and place it in some hosting center in the Uppsala-Stockholm area. That way my mail won’t start to bounce every time I turn the power off to my current closet server.

I’ve googled around a bit this morning and I’ve only found these two options so far:


Made famous by the police raid last year. They have this Mac mini colocation offer:

  • 1Mbps-port
  • 128Kbps guaranteed international bandwidth
  • No usage limit
  • Max 4 IP-addresses
  • Restarts, setup-help, hardware changes and simple troubleshooting
  • DNS and mail included

For 200SEK/month + VAT. They offer a 20% discount if you pay for a year in advance.


They have the following offer:

  • 100Mbit connection
  • Privat VLAN
  • 10 GB traffic/month
  • 1 IP address
  • 10 DNS entries

For 240SEK/month + VAT. Only 12 month contracts.

I don’t really know what to choose. Should I even bother putting the Mac mini into co-location or is it better to go with something bigger already from the start? The mini used to host this site among others earlier so it won’t have any problems with the current load but who knows about the future…

Any suggestions? Any advice? All help would be appreciated!