As a Christmas present to myself I bought a Nikon D40 in January just a few months before they announced the enhanced D40x with a 10 megapixel sensor instead of the 6 megapixel sensor in my ordinary D40. But I’m not bitter for that, 6 megapixel is plenty enough for the limited photoing I do and the D40x is supposed to be more expensive as well.

I’m super happy with my Nikon D40, it’s an amazing piece of work and the photos it produces are awesome. Now I can’t blame the camera anymore then the result is crap 🙂

Nikon 55-200mm VR

The 18-55mm kit lens included in the package I bought is super. However, with the outdoor climbing season starting I want to try to take some action shots from our climbing and I felt I needed to get closer than I get with the 18-55 lens. So then the new Nikon 55-200mm VR lens was announced I felt it was a great lens for the price and I finally placed the order two days ago.

I debated whether I should get the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens or the new 55-200mm one. Ken Rockwell has compared the two. I finally went with the 55-200mm one because it’s cheaper and I have not had any bad experiences with lens changing so far. Hopefully I won’t regret this decision later on.

SB-400 flash

I also ordered a SB-400 Speedlight external flash because I take lots of photos of my cats indoors in crappy light and I wanted the possibility to bounce the flash in the roof to get more natural looking light.

I got my things yesterday! I spend some time playing with them and the 55-200mm VR lens is amazing. I’m totally in love with the Vibration Reduction technology. It’s like magic! I could get clear sharp zoomed shots in the semi-darkness in the living room which I earlier thought would be impossible!

I just took a few shots with the SB-400 flash but the bounce option does exactly what I want so I’m happy with it as well.