Great Sunday

The weather forecast for the weekend promised 17 degrees Celsius and sunny for Sunday so we planned the weekend’s climbing for that day. I went out running on Saturday and even though it was quite sunny it was cold as hell with a chilling wind from the north. That made me worry it would be as cold the next day.

Climbing on Himmler

But there was no need to worry. Already when the alarm went off at 7:30 on Sunday morning it was quite warm and then we walked through the beautiful nature to the Gåseborg cliffs it was even warmer. It is a wonderful cliff that is located perfectly down by the water and the view from top makes for a scenic coffee break.

Lots of climbing later and exhausted from a day spent out in the sun we returned home ready to face another work week. I love climbing because it demands complete concentration and that blocks out all the everyday problems ending up being quite relaxing. A day climbing gives me enough energy to survive a week at work 🙂