The final – Higgins vs Selby – final session – mid session break

Woha! What a final!

In the afternoon session Mark Selby staged an breathtaking comeback where he won six straight frames to even out the score to 12-10. Now they’ve played four frames and won two each making it 14-12. It feels like it can end any way. Higgins has the experience but Selby has some incredibly out-of-the-box thinking in especially his defense that’s just mind-blowing to watch.

Speaking of watch, I’m still exhausted from the climbing yesterday I wish nothing more than to go to sleep but this is too exciting. I just can’t stop watching!

Though now they are starting to speculate that the last frame might start around 02, that’s in 2.5 hours. That will probably be too much even for me but we’ll see…

I hope Mark Selby wins in the end though!