Sitting in front of the screen on a boring Tuesday afternoon with a rainy gray sky outside, it’s easy to start to daydream.

Our trip to sunny Spain in March was amazing. We had a wonderful week of climbing and if it was possible I wouldn’t hesitate to drop everything and head straight to the airport to go back there again.

But alas the limestone will have wait until next winter. If we then go back to Sella or try our southern France is another question, but I’m sure we will go somewhere. There just isn’t anything remotely comparable to the southern european limestone rocks in Sweden.

Climbing-wise I’m still struggling in the 6a-6c range. I did another onsight of a 6a route in Gåseborg and that’s starting to feel pretty easy now. So I guess I should try a 6b route next. I figured I’ll red point Blitz the next time we’re in Gåseborg as that one was a piece of cake on top rope.

But I still have a hard time with 6c routes. I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve tried the wrong ones or just because I’m not strong enough yet. The ones I’ve tried have been technical climbing on vertical walls with small crimpy sharp grips and that might not suit me that good. I think a more pumpy overhanging route would be better for me. The 7a route I tried also had mostly small sharp holds and I had huge problems with that one as well.

Any suggestions for overhanging and pumpy routes but with better holds in the 6c-7a range around Stockholm? 😉