I’m turning 30 on the 19th of August and Camilla told me a few months back to reserve the week before that for a surprise trip somewhere. Naturally I got curious and wanted to know where we were going but she wouldn’t tell me anything. Not even give a hint of what kind of trip it would be.

Yesterday she told me and we’re going to Kalymnos in Greece for a week! Weee! The climbing there is supposed to be brilliant and spectacular and for the rest days we live right next to the beach. This is going to be perfect! It’s just what I need after all the rain so far this summer.

The reason I got to know about the trip quite a while before the departure is that we need to buy some new equipment:

  • A 70 or 80 meters rope. We only have a 60 m rope and even though it would work in most cases quite a few of the newer routes are made for 70 (or in some cases 80) meter ropes.
  • A few more quickdraws. We have 12 right now and I’ve read that it’s suggested to have at least 16 for the longer routes. (That just shows how well protected and bolted the routes are on Kalymnos.)
  • I need new climbing shoes. My feet wouldn’t survive a week in my 5.10 Anasazi lace-up shoes. I need another pair of shoes so I can switch around.

I also need to prepare mentally and physically for the trip. Hopefully I can lose a kilo or two before we leave. We should also do some research and planning for what routes to climb on which days. I think we’ll be smarter than we were in Spain and schedule rest days in advance and not wait for the rainy days (which might not come). Route suggestions are very welcome!

This is going to be the third trip abroad this year that involves climbing. I hope that sets the standard for the future!