Asthma cat?

Three months ago I went to the vet to get my female cat’s cough checked out. Naturally she didn’t cough while at the vet’s but he said it wouldn’t have helped that much anyway, it’s hard to diagnose coughing.

He figured the most probable cause is asthma due to some kind of allergy. To try that theory my cat got a cortisone shot and the vet said it would last for 2-3 maybe 4 weeks. A few days later she was like a new cat, full of energy and the coughing was all gone. It was a joy to see!

A bit surprised we realized quite a while later that there still was no sign of the coughing! But two weeks ago she started coughing again and it quickly escalated to the heart-breaking long lasting trying-to-get-something-out-of-the-throat-because-it-feels-like-i-can’t-breath coughing that sounds so horrible. Yesterday I returned to the vet and she got another cortisone shot, so hopefully that will get rid of the cough for another three months!

Apparently it’s not that uncommon for cats to develop allergies and asthma then they get older. Something I had no idea of.