Saab 9-3 BioPower

Me and Camilla have been talking about a new car for a while. Not because there is anything wrong with the trusty old Audi we have now. It works perfectly and is pretty cheap to own, but she is quite environment conscious and wants a more environment friendly car and I can’t disagree with that.

We also spend quite some time in the car during the weekends driving to different climbing crags so some kind of air conditioning system would be sweet to have. A bit more room for all the gear wouldn’t hurt and naturally more airbags and increased safety wouldn’t be bad either.

So we’ve come to the conclusion that the Saab 9-3 SportCombi BioPower would be the perfect car for us!

saab 9-3

Unfortunately the cars with BioPower engines have not existed for that long so if you want one you’re basically forced to buy a brand new car. With the necessary equipment it would cost a bit over 300 000 sek. That’s quite a bit of money for a car! Even if we can afford it we are not ready to put down so much for something we mostly use at weekends.

But here comes the treat! She agreed that if I can win enough on poker each month to pay the monthly cost of the car loan we might reconsider. That means winning around 4000 sek ($591) per month. Shouldn’t be too difficult if I just focus and practise a bit more.