Me and SJ one year later

It was after my vacation last summer that I started my daily commute to Stockholm. That summer I had my vacation in July and when I returned to work in the beginning of August my old happy life ended.

Time flies and now it’s August again! That means me and SJ have spent one year together. I don’t want to know how much time I’ve spent on the train, the 2 x 40 minutes (plus one inevitable 1-2 hour delay per month) does add up in the long run.


I’ve learned quite a few things during the year. For one, you never know when you will get home. when you least expect it there will be an accident or the engine will break down or something similar will happen. Those times you are lucky if you get home at all.

I have also started to understand more about tiredness. Previously I thought there were two kinds of tiredness, either I felt tired or I felt really tired. Now I know that there are many more levels in between. For example the too-tired-to-be-able-to-speak tiredness, which happens once every week or so. It’s the kind of tiredness where you sit next to someone you know on the train and you try to have a conversation but you are unable to because you can’t form basic sentences. Naturally if you are one of those that always sleep on the train you won’t notice this.

There is also the see-everything-through-fog tiredness, which I also experience like once a week. It’s like you have fog in front of your eyes and everything you look at is a bit blurry. After lunch it usually starts to get a bit better.

I guess my tiredness could be blaimed on lack of sleep, but you have to understand that with this kind of daily commute, it’s hard to fit in anything more than work, eat and sleep. But I want more out of my life so I tend to neglect sleep to make room for more things.

If this is wise or not is hard to say, but if I wouldn’t have time over for other things I surely would get all depressed.