Going Google Apps

Google Apps

After all the problems with my home server and router (Offline, Offline part 2, Filesystem corruption, And we’re back) I have been trying to figure out a more stable email solution. It’s not that bad if the web sites are unavailable for a few days. Bounced mail on the other hand is no good. I don’t get that much important mail but I still don’t want to lose any of the ones I get.

Clearly the current setup was not good enough and a better solution was needed. I had a more close look at Google Apps and a bit of research showed that people were generally happy with that solution, so I decided to give it a try for one of the domains.

Registering and switching over was really painless and the email handling (which is the only Google Apps function I’m currently using) works perfectly. I guess it helps that I’ve used Gmail before and even though I miss Thunderbird right now I’m sure I’ll start to love Gmail with time.

Today me and my brother switched over the rest of the domains and now our email handling is all powered by Google! Hurray! Now I no longer have have to worry about the server crashing when I’m abroad.

If you don’t want to run your own mail server to handle the email for your domain I suggest you have a look at Google Apps. It might be a good solution for you too.