IKEA visit part 2


A few hours later the table was finally assembled. Tired, hungry and with back-pain we admired our new dining table. It’s a beauty and it’s going to look even better when we’ve given it some oily love.


After a late dinner we continued with the next thing, the bookshelf for the kitchen. The instructions were easy enough, but as always they didn’t show the whole truth. A lot of pain, hours and hard work later we did get it to stand up.

So you would think that it’s ready. Well, maybe not quite. It does look good in the photo but it’s missing some essential screws and can break apart rather easily. We’ll fix that tomorrow hopefully, though I have no idea how because the screws that are missing should go in from the bottom and if we try to lift the bookshelf it will fall apart (we tried)…

What do you readers suggest we do?