This morning it was just +5 C when I walked to the train station. It felt really chilly and my ears are still ice cold.

Somehow I managed to time my summer vacation perfectly this year. It was mostly raining in July when I was working and then during the three weeks I had off in August it was sunny and warm except for the week when we were in Greece. Then it didn’t matter to us though.

It’s hard to believe that friday last week when I was having a coffee with my sister we longed for a table outside in the sun. Now I wouldn’t sit outside in this freezing weather even if someone paid me to do it.

I guess the autumn really arrived this week as they promised. Have a look at the weather on Kalymnos right now.

Kalymnos Sunny

I wish I could go and stay there during the swedish autumn and winter, not returning until it’s spring again.