Sleep deprivation

As I returned to work again after my vacation I also returned to my previous habit of constantly not getting enough sleep.

Sunday night I went to bed a bit after midnight, that gave me a bit less than 6 hours of sleep. Monday night I actually made an effort to go to bed earlier and I managed to be in bed around half past eleven. Last evening I tried even harder but I didn’t manage to be in bed more than a few minutes earlier.

The 6.5h of sleep I’ve got the last few nights is far from what I need. I have realized over the years that I need at least 8 hours of solid sleep to feel any kind of rested when I wake up.

Clearly this isn’t working. Two days into the autumn after my vacation and I already had red eyes and a grumpy mood last night. I don’t understand how Camilla can stand me 🙂

To fix this I made a plan last night.

  • Avoid unnecessary tv watching. Like the other day at dinner when I got stuck watching two back-to-back episodes of friends. As a result the dinner ended up taking an hour.
  • Make a solid effort to go to bed at 22:30 for a few weeks. Then evaluate the results. Am I feeling better? More rested?
  • Every night that I don’t go to bed at 22:30 I need to do some kind of punishment.

I still haven’t decided what kind of punishment it should be. What do you readers suggest? And no, I am not going to record Beatles covers and post here. I know you all want that but it’s not going to happen!