Mac at work?

Why are companies so restricting with allowing Macs at work?

I haven’t had a computer running Windows at home for a long long time and I’m trying to get as far away from Microsoft products as possible. The only place where I have to use the horrible stuff is at work. Unfortunately it does not seem likely that I will get away from Microsoft at work anytime soon.

At the company where I work here in Sweden it seems to be next to impossible to get a Apple computer instead of the Dell-crap we use now. I’ve been asking for a Mac for over two years now and still nothing has happened.

It’s not like I’m doing anything that is depending on Windows. All the code I write at work is either Java or Actionscript. Both technologies that are platform independent and development-wise it doesn’t matter which platform you are using.

Some people have over the years managed to get macs but for them it’s been a long gruesome experience requiring special motivation letters, performance comparisons and who knows what. Now I’ve heard that there might be a policy decision from top-level forbidding anything but Windows computers in the future.

That’s sick!

Why not just give the developer what he or she wants? That way they get happy, satisfied and probably end up more productive as they get to use an environment they enjoy using and are more comfortable with.

Help me out! Have you managed to get a Mac at work? If so, what did you have to do to get one?